Speed Survey

A Speed survey is carried out usually for the purpose of determining the level of vision required at the point of contact of two roads or access points or as part of the design process for a new road or junction.

Speed surveys are also used in the evaluation of traffic calming schemes, in a before and after situation, and in relation to a safety examination of the local road network.

Often speed surveys are carried out to either validate or rebut the concerns of third parties, as for example in the context of a planning application or appeal.

Radar speed surveys are carried out in accordance with a Department of Transport standard and dependent on the purpose of the survey are then presented as average or 85th percentile values. In highway design and particularly junction assessment the higher 85th percentile value is always used and “wet weather speeds”, which are lower than dry are used. If the survey is undertaken in dry weather conditions the 85th percentile value is translated by use of computer software to a “wet weather” value.

Speed surveys can be carried out either manually by a hand held device or by tubes laid across the road known in the profession as 'automatic traffic counters' (ATC's).

Manual traffic counts have the benefit of providing more precise details of the circumstances of the local highway, such as weather conditions, constraints to free flow conditions, high speed emergency vehicles, and by noting and removing 'platoons' of traffic from the survey. ATC’s are in place for a full 24 hour, seven day period and thus a greater range of results and traffic flows is obtained. However because of their nature they will not take into account the factors which an operator would record as part of the manual survey.

Sanderson Associates have extensive experience in providing speed surveys using both means, with our “in house” Genesis Handheld Directional Radar or Laser Speed Guns used for manual collection.

Speed surveys can be carried out as part of access feasibility investigations or as part of a Transport Statement or Transport Assessment. In addition they are often carried out for more simple planning proposals where the suitability of an existing or new access is brought into question by the Local Planning or Highway Authority.

In addition to undertaking the survey Sanderson Associates have in house transport and design engineers who are able to determine design requirements from the results and to comment on layouts and seek to provide amendments, where possible, which move to compliance with the required standard.

What Our Clients Say:

Swept Path Analysis and Visibility Drawing incorporated into a Technical Note, Proposed Residential Dwelling, Colchester.

Planning permission approved finally, I am certain it was your input when you asked for the refusal to be put into writing so it can go to appeal… well done & thank you again. Nicholas Perks, Wyvern Building

Highway Statement, Proposed Residential Development, Stockport

Just want to pass on my thanks and appreciation. Your knowledge and speed at looking at the issues were incurred was superb. Hopefully we’ll have the pleasure of working together in the future. Craig Ashton, Managing Director, CPA Bespoke Joinery Ltd.

Transport Assessment, Proposed Residential Development (170 dwellings), Essex

This report is of the highest quality and detail and draws the conclusions we had hoped to see. Thanks to you and the team for this, we will certainly be using Sanderson Associates on future projects. Tom Helliwell, Managing Director, Class Q Ltd

Speed Survey, Proposed Private Residential Development – Testimonial

Thank you so much for your fast and efficient service, the speed survey was conducted efficiently and the report given has really helped our planning application process with highways moving forward. Communication from yourselves was also fantastic and swift. Would most definitely recommend you to everyone. Much appreciated! Ismail Chopdat (Private Individual)

Access Feasibility Study, Proposed Private Residential Development – Testimonial

I have recently worked on a project with Karen and Ashley at Sanderson’s and they were extremely helpful, professional and worked to my extremely tight deadline. I have no hesitation in recommending this company their attention to detail and professionalism was much appreciated. Rosie Marsh (Private Individual)

Analysis of Speed Survey and Swept Path Analysis

Brett and the Sanderson’s team were invaluable to us in obtaining highways consent which in part cleared the way for our planning application to be approved. They provided a proactive professional and personable approach to satisfy and fulfil the Cambridgeshire highways requirements. We recommend them and will use them again. Daykin Waters Waters Developments

Stage 2 Road Safety Audit, Residential, Staffordshire

Sanderson Associates were the successful bidder for carrying out a Stage 2 Road Safety Audit on behalf of TSP Projects. Their team were committed to the tight programme, and not only did they undertake the audit and agree terms and conditions in a short space of time they were receptive and flexible with planning the […]

Construction Traffic Management Plan

Sanderson Associates have been very helpful for us and our clients. They proved efficiency and competitive pricing. Thank you for your services. Andreea Raicu, Architect, Tang & Associates Ltd

Flood Risk Assessment, Testimonial, Industrial Development, Sheffield

Sanderson’s were a great in helping us with our planning application for a new material silo at our manufacturing base in Sheffield. Darren was efficient and swift in his discussions with the council on the need for a flood risk assessment on the site. Darren’s knowledge of the site and surrounding area and consequent discussions […]

Travel Plan

We have worked with Ashley, found the service very professional, efficient and cost-effective. We received the surveys and reports on time and were kept fully appraised with everything, excellent service all round. Recommend using Sanderson again in the future. Thank you, Al Ihsan Trust

Require Assistance with a Speed Survey?

Sanderson Associates have enjoyed over 37 years in business, we have extensive experience in assisting our Clients with Speed Surveys in relation to a host of highway planning matters for a variety of developments throughout the UK, Isle of Man and Ireland.

We would be pleased to provide you with our competitive fee proposal to assist you with a Speed Survey, please call us on 01924 844080 or click here to complete our secure online form.

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